The Trouble with Money

A Quantum Physics Primer on Making It, Spending It and Living with It Ethically and Spiritually

Moolah. Dinero. Scratch. Regardless of what you call it, money has an undeniable impact on each of us.

Join theoretical quantum physicist, Amit Goswami, PhD., for a new look at money. Drawing on the information in his most recent book, Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness, Dr. Goswami will focus on critical issues for a new paradigm in economics and business for the 21st century. From discussion of the stability and sustainability of the economy to leadership, creativity, and ethics in business, this information will be useful for anyone—whether you are a business person, community leader or consumer.

Dr. Goswami is well-­‐known for making what seems to be difficult or complex material accessible—even for those of us who aren’t scientists or economists!

Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
UC Theater, 3rd Floor University Center, UM Campus
Missoula, MT

Early Bird: $225.00
(if registered and paid by Monday, May 16, 2016. This has been extended to May 31st
to accomodate those seeking CEs or OPI Renewal Units)

Regular Price: $265.00

Approved for 11 CEs for Licensed Montana Mental Health Providers
Approved for 11 OPI Renewal Units for Montana Educators


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